Under Stairs Storage

Smart Under Stairs Storage Ideas You Should Follow

Under stairs storage ideas are perfect for those of you who need to transform the dead space underneath the stairs into something more functional. Integrating some shelves has been the most common approach to employ vacant space under the staircase.

But, there are other ways to take advantage of space under your stairs. Some homeowners even transform it into a home office. They fit in a desk and chair without big problems. Others convert it into space for storing their unused items.

Whatever approaches you’d like to try, space under the staircase is indeed worth to use for other functions. It is especially useful when you have a small home since under stairs storage ideas will help save more space in other rooms.

versatility and modern
versatility and modern

For example, you can create space under your staircase as a book corner. Thus, you don’t need to have a dedicated space for bookshelves in the living room or bedroom. Make a built-in bookshelf under the staircase to display your book collection.

Ideas to Create Functional Under Stairs Storage

Instead of bookshelves, it is also possible to have a reading nook underneath the stairs. You can fill the empty space with throw pillows, cushions, and blankets. Make the nook to have double functions as storage as well if you like.

If you have a dog or cat at home, provide a comfortable place for it under the stairs. Design the pet house as you please. This one of under stairs storage ideas could keep your pet free of a problem when it’s at home alone.

under stairs storage ideas
under stairs storage ideas

It is a good idea to convert space under the stairs into a pantry as well. Sometimes our kitchen cabinets just can’t accommodate adequate room for extra food storages. This way, creating a pantry under the stairs could help your kitchen clutter-free.

Are you planning to create a basement wine cellar? Rather than this expensive idea, transform space under your stairs into a simple wine cellar. Now, you can easily reach your favorite drink without needed to go down to the basement.

Ideas to Utilize Space Under the Stairs in Your Home

If your staircase happens to be located around the hallway, use the room under it to store jackets and shoes. Thus, you can easily grab them when going out for some activities. You can also store something like bags, umbrellas, and hats there.

Another one of under stairs storage ideas is to create a coat closet. You don’t need to overcrowd your entryway with bulky shelves for coats and other things. Instead, make a simple coat closet under the stairs. It could hold other things too.

under stairs storage ideas
under stairs storage ideas

Building a powder room under the stairs makes a good idea too. If you need a powder room, space under the stairs should be enough to accommodate a toilet and sink. Just make sure to illuminate it well so that it won’t feel cramped.

Lastly, simply transform space under the stairs into a selection of drawers. Employ these additional compartments for any needs like storing sports equipment and craft supplies. So, have you found your favorite under stairs storage ideas from some inspirations above?

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