Best Lighting for Home

How to Choose the Best Lighting for Home

It’s no secret that there are several different types of lighting for home. And you need the one that suits your home best. Even though it is typically overlooked, choosing the right lighting is crucial in any home renovation. So, how do you get it right?

The best way to select the right lighting for your home is to determine the purpose of each room and choose your lights accordingly. This way, you can improve the decorating scheme in every room. The right one should transform space, create a particular effect.

Best Lighting for Home
Best Lighting for Home

Lighting in your home is possible to be as sophisticated or as simple as you wish. Remember that it’s all about generating the right mood to play at To help you get started, here is what to know about choosing the right lighting for home.

Different Types of Lighting You Can Take Into Account

Before anything else, you need to know several different types of lighting. First, there is task lighting. This kind of lighting focuses on areas where particular activities are done. For example, it focused on where cooking or reading is carried out.

Task lighting aims to facilitate you to better achieve those activities and to support a particular atmosphere in the room. A few examples of task lighting include under-cabinet and table lamps. Second, you can go for accent lighting as well.

Best Lighting for Home
Best Lighting for Home

Accent lighting is typically employed to highlight special, decorative things such as paintings and sculptures in your home. Moreover, you need to choose from various light bulbs as well including incandescent, LED, halogen, and fluorescent. When picking the right accent lighting for home, choose suitable bulbs too.

Incandescent bulbs will provide a warm, yellow light. They are often used for interior lighting and work best as table or floor lamps. Meanwhile, fluorescent bulbs are cool, bright, and more energy-efficient than the previous choices. These are typically used for basements and hallways.

On the other hand, LED bulbs are highly energy-saving since it releases bright light with little wattages. Plus, they make colors seem great. Then, halogen bulbs are typically used to give off a spotlight on artistic objects. They are available in white and yellow light.

Tips on Picking Lights for Different Areas of Your Home

Now, let’s explore some tips on selecting lighting for home based on the particular areas of the house. When it comes to stairs, staircase landings, and entrances, you can consider employing lights to generate an aesthetic touch. A chandelier could be a good choice here.

Best Lighting for Home
Best Lighting for Home

For your living room, create a welcoming mood by mildly combining common lighting with accent lights. It would be a great option to mix and match with floor and table lamps as well. If you have a small living room, one general light is usually enough.

Meanwhile, your dining room should have an inviting atmosphere too. When it comes to dining rooms, remember that the lamp needs to be installed minimally 60cm from your table surface. You can consider hanging general lights from the ceiling and adding accent lighting around the room.

Lastly, you should choose the best lighting for your bedroom too. Pick lights that provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for this room. Table lamps and wall lights are good options for bedrooms. That’s all some tips on how to pick the right lighting for home.

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