Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

Creative Bookshelf Decorating Ideas You’d Love to Try

Some bookshelf decorating ideas could help you make this piece of furniture look aesthetically pleasing instead of just an entire wall of books. Styling bookshelf is often a mix of science and art. It requires you to make it both functional and beautiful.

Your general trick for decorating a bookshelf is bringing in strategic stacking and adding some eye-catching bookends. Strategic stacking means that you not only put the books standing vertically. You can put some of them lying too since it is perfect to display your books.

Plus, it helps create extra spots among the books to front-face your favorites or house another piece of decorations. Moreover, adding some fashionable bookends is another one of the easiest bookshelf decorating ideas. Also, bookends could keep your collections from falling over.

Bookshelf Decorating Ideas
Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

There are a lot of cute bookends available in the market, but you are open to a DIY project as well. For instance, you can get some bookends from the thrift shop and add spray paint to make them more eye-catching.

Creative Ideas to Easily Decorate Your Bookshelf

When decorating bookshelves, try to include fun lighting. Adding some lighting to the bookshelf allows you to highlight book collections. Go with a string of fairy lights to add some sparkle and make your bookshelf look fun. Adding shaped lights would be great too!

In your personal library, there is no need to stick to the Dewey Decimal System or alphabetization. You can always make your rules to make the most of the bookshelf. For instance, you can arrange the books by colors to create a rainbow within the bookshelf.

Another one of the simplest bookshelf decorating ideas is to show the pages instead of the spine. It would give your room a truly minimalist appearance. In some cases, your bookshelf may showcase a bit vintage appeal thanks to the brownie pages.

Bookshelf Decorating Ideas
Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

Furthermore, you can add a twist in your bookshelf by hanging art and accents. Hang artwork or other wall decorations in front of the bookshelf. Topping your stacks with vases or picture frames would make the bookshelf even more eye-catching as well.

Other Ideas to Decorate a Bookshelf at Home

Plants have been a popular decorating trend nowadays. You can incorporate these when decorating your bookshelf too. It would help you enliven the bookshelf by giving off a fantastic nature vibe. From flowering blooms to overgrown ivy, there are many options to choose from.

For another one of bookshelf decorating ideas, you might love to introduce old volumes and dadu online. We cannot deny that vintage books are perfect to bring a sense of history to your shelf. Plus, it also provides that welcoming library feels in your home.

Bookshelf Decorating Ideas
Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

If you are decorating your kids’ bookshelf, remember to make it both playful and practical. You can mix books and colorful toys with woven baskets and bins for getting rid of clutter. Then, use a toy truck or a stuffed animal as a bookend.

Finally, your bookshelf should mirror what you love. This means you can decorate bookshelves in your own way. If you like to display your hardbacks and keep the paperbacks in a box, go for it! The best bookshelf decorating ideas are ones that you love.

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