What Is It


The Castle, Home and Garden Contest is a virtual competition which takes place annually in the virtual metaverse Second Life. Contestants from all over Second Life use the building tools provided within SL to build their own castles, homes or gardens. The builds are displayed over a set of days, wherein both a set of impartial judges and the public at large can vote for their favorite castles. All proceeds from the Castle, Home and Garden Contest go towards Relay for Life of Second Life, a charity organisation supporting the American Cancer Society.

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During the contest, many events take place. DJs and live musicians, timed building contests, auctions, and shopping are all a major part of the event. All proceeds go towards RFL of SL .

The contest is a Multi-Team event. This means that it is comprised of multiple Relay For Life Teams, and no one specific team benefits from the donations.

In 2016, the Castle, Home and Garden Contest collectively raised over 3,000,000 Linden Dollars for the American Cancer Society, which is roughly equivalent to $12,000 USD, £9200 GBP or €10800 EURO. The first 3 years together totaled L$4,500,000.