2018 Themes

Get excited folks, as these are our ten themes for next year! How exciting!


This land can be for those who want to design a garden in a green meadow full of wonderful, breathtaking trees and colorful, bright mushrooms. Venture with us through the land of the Smurfs, as we are bringing back the Smurf sim once again to the Castle, Home and Garden Contest.


Travel with us to a far-away land that will appeal to those who like white landscapes and a cold environment. Let it go and feel free to design a ice-filled garden or castle on our Frozen sim, themed towards wintery landscapes. Note: Christmas fits in well with this theme, don’t you think? <wink>

Kings Landing

Enemies to the west.. enemies to the north.. enemies to the south… guess what, we are bringing King’s Landing to the Castle Home and Garden… those who love medieval town type of builds, this will be the perfect sim for you to join.


Travel with us to a bloody realm where no one is safe… dark, victorian castles and dark, gloomy gardens will be perfect for our Transylvania sim, will you be the first to be bitten by a vampire?


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away lie the land of the Gungan.. oh wait am I not supposed-ta talk- about dat??? Anyway.. here lie Theed Royal Palace, and lots of greenery.. and Gungan…. here on our Naboo sim!


What better way to establish political standing than to declare a game where kids kill each other… so, as they say, may the odds be ever in your favor, here at Panem!

Mines of Moria

So far we have done the Shire.. we ventured into the land of the elves in Rivendell… join us next year with the dwarves in the Mines of Moria!


The beautiful, other-worldly, perfect for a garden and a remote castle… on the land of Pandora, the home of the Nav’i…. ah, so serene…

Harry Potter’s London

We had Hogsmeade, we had Hogwarts, now we present to you London, home of Platform 9 ¾… and home to Newt Scamander… gardens, homes and yes, castles and manors aplenty on the magical world of Harry Potter in London!!

Toon Town

  Main Sim (Merchants Only)

Last but not least… I am proud to present, our main sim which will again be merchant only. Breedables, wacky and tacky designers, carefree and wonderful– Welcome to the land featured in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, TOON TOWN!!!!!!