Merchant Exclusives

Some of our merchants have created items that will be sold exclusively at the CHG!

Click Images to Enlarge. Slurls to CHG stores will be added as time permits after set-up begins.




These Items are Exclusively Sold at the CHG

These Items are not Exclusive, but are Primiering at the CHG

This Item is sold Exclusively at RFL Events (CHG and others)

  Zanne’s Odds and Ends

Exclusive Items for the CHG

These are Exclusive to CHG and 100% RFL

 L$75 Each

This item is 100% RFL (Not exclusive)

 L$500 at CHG (Normally L$650 in main store). ***LOTS of alternate interior mansion pics found here

  Artimis’ Corner

This Item is Exclusive During the Contest and will be Available in the Store Afterward.

!YAY! Mesh


 Lilith’s Den


 Touch Of Magic

These Items are Premiering At the CHG (not Exclusive)

 Mirror Mirror