CHG Contest’s PSA is here!

Come with us and you will see, this our event of CHG!

Thanks to the fabulous Eclair Martinek, the first PSA video for the 4th Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest is available!

Featuring the voices and signs of 18 Relayers, we present our themes!

Can you identify all the themes? How about which characters said the quotes? Who voiced or signed each quote? 🙂

Watch our Public Service Announcement Video here!

Builder sign ups are OPEN!

Sponsor & Merchant packages are AVAILABLE!

For more information go to

With Love, Peach

Merchant/Sponsor registration has begun!

Attention Merchants!  It’s time to sign up as a sponsor!

There couldn’t be a better reason to create….. create  for a cause!

Sign up today to be a merchant sponsor for the Fourth Annual Castle Home & Garden Contest, a RFL charitable event.

Now is the time to sign up, get top pick of sponsor packages and pick the themed sim you would like to participate in.  From Halloween, Christmas, the 1980’s, bikini themes and 11 other options, there is sure to be a theme to get your creative juices flowing.

Sponsor packages include a store at the event (prim allowance varies per package), marketing via many sources,  advertising, participation in multiple events over the course of the event (spreading word about your business) and so much more.  There is no greater satisfaction then building your business while you help the fight against cancer.

There has never been an better reason to create.  Join today and create for a cause.

Sign up here today!

xoxo Peach Robertson (porcelainpeach in SL)

The Fourth Annual Castle, Home & Garden Contest Preparations Begin.

The team has begun preparations for this years  Castle Home & Garden Contest. This is more than a contest! It’s a three week event raising money for Second Life’s Relay for Life, a massive fundraising event that has raised over $3 million US dollars benefitting the American Cancer Society.

Mark your calendars!  This years event runs June 3 – June 24, 2017 and will comprise of 15 sims in Second Life.   This year the event has been extended to three weeks, (instead of two) in hopes to raise even more money for cancer research.

For full details about this event please visit our website here 

How can you help?  There are so many ways to get involved. 

  • Sponsorship packages are now available.  Are you a creator wanting to get involved with Second Life’s RFL campaign?  There is an assortment of sponsorship packages available that will fit your budget.
  • Contest Registration for builders has begun.   If you love building in Second Life then don’t miss your chance to build for a cause!  Check out our registration page and register before all of our spots fill up.
  • Volunteer opportunities are readily available.   It’s so easy and rewarding to get involved with RFL.  From live performers, greeters, building assistance, assistance with events like our auction and many more opportunities to enrich your Second Life are available.
  • Donations for the event auction have begun.  There are so many ways to donate for this worthy cause.  If you have a service you would like to offer such as photography, DJ’ing, performing, items that you create, and of course $L are just a few ways you can help.  We are always looking for fun creative idea’s to make all of our events fun.  If you have an idea please feel free to contact us, we love to chat about ways to have fun and give back!
  • Shop!  Our 15 sims will be chock full of the best stores on the grid.  Once the event begins, shop til you drop!  With 100% donation items, there was never a better reason to SHOP!

For more information and to learn how YOU can get involved visit our website  at or contact PorcelainPeach in Second Life.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

XoXo Peach Robertson (PorcelainPeach)