2017 Contest Winners

There were 27 homes and gardens, 5 castles… 27 homes and gardens! That means there are four people who will place, and the rest– man, it was so close! We had six judges and I am grateful to them all! Thank you to our judges once again this year for going through each build and marveling in their magnificence. You all really did do a good job. Your stories were told, your gardens were magnificent and one of our strengths this year was the fact that it was so diverse– look at the themes for next year, once again extremely diverse!!! I really hope to see all of the builders back next year, and all of the merchants and more!! We are growing, and continuing to grow.. let’s make this on par with the Fantasy Faire, eh?

Congratulations to the following winners on the 4th Annual Castle Home and Garden Contest!

Home and Garden Category:

  • 3rd Place: Sylis Fairywren
  • 2nd Place: Eclair Martinek
  • 1st Place: Mac Aries

Castle Category:

  • 4th Place: Nevennar Rence and Autumn McCauley
  • 3rd Place: RacerX Gullwing
  • 2nd Place: Marissa Anicillion
  • 1st Place: Melodie Jigsaw

Popular Vote Winner:

  • Melina Firehawk